Volvo Sensus

Volvo Sensus is the heart of your personal Volvo experience. It is Sensus that provides information, entertainment and functions to simplify your ownership.
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When you are sitting in your car you want control, and in today's interconnected world, this includes information, communication and entertainment when it is most suitable for you. Sensus covers all our solutions that enable connection* to the outside world, at the same time providing you with intuitive control over all the car's capabilities.

Volvo Sensus combines and presents many functions in several of the car's systems on the centre console's display screen. With Volvo Sensus the car can be personalised by means of an intuitive user interface. Settings can be made in Car settings, Audio and media, Climate control, etc.

With the centre console buttons and controls or the steering wheel's right-hand keypad* functions can be activated or deactivated and many different settings can be made.

With a press on MY CAR all settings related to the driving and control of the car are presented, such as City Safety, locks and alarm, automatic fan speed, setting the clock, etc.

With a press on the respective function RADIO, MEDIA, TEL*, P3-1346-x60-Connectivity symbol*, NAV* and CAM* other sources, systems and functions can be activated, e.g. AM, FM, CD, DVD*, TV*, Bluetooth®*, navigation* and park assist camera*.

For more information about all functions/systems, see the relevant section in the owner's manual or its supplement.

  1. * Option/accessory.