V90 Cross Country

2021 Early

Warning triangle

Use the warning triangle to warn other road users if the car is stationary in traffic.

Also activate the hazard warning flashers.

Storage spaces

The warning triangle is located under the panel on the inside of the tailgate.

Folding up the warning triangle

P5-1817-V90-warning triangel storage step 1
P5-1507-Warningtriangel step 2
P5-1507-warningtriangel step 3
P5-Icon gray box 1

Detach the panel on the inside of the tailgate by first turning the two knobs a quarter turn and then unhooking the panel. Place the panel to one side.

Open the latch and take out the case.

P5-Icon gray box 2

Remove the warning triangle from the case, unfold it and put the ends together.

P5-Icon gray box 3

Fold out the warning triangle's support legs.

Follow the regulations for the use of a warning triangle. Position the warning triangle in a suitable place with regard to traffic.

Make sure that the warning triangle and case are properly secured in their storage space and that the hatch is fully closed after use.

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