Cleaning the centre display

Dirt, stains and grease from fingers can affect the centre display's performance and readability. Clean the screen frequently with a microfibre cloth.
P5-1717-S90/V90/S90H/V90H/S90L/S90LH-Touch screen-button
Turn off the centre display with a long press on the home button.
Wipe the screen with the microfibre cloth supplied or use another microfibre cloth of equivalent quality. Wipe the screen with a clean and dry microfibre cloth using small circular movements. If necessary, lightly moisten the microfibre cloth with clean water.

Activate the display with a short press on the home button.


The microfibre cloth used to clean the centre display must be free from sand and dirt.


When cleaning the centre display, only use gentle pressure on the screen. Heavy pressure can damage the screen.


Do not spray any liquid or caustic chemicals directly on the centre display. Do not use window cleaning agent, other cleaning agents, aerosol spray, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or cleaning agent containing abrasive.

Never use abrasive cloths, paper towels or tissue paper, since they may scratch the centre display.