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City Safety

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City Safety

City Safety* can alert the driver using a visual, acoustic and brake pulse warning to help him/her detect pedestrians, cyclists, larger animals and vehicles that suddenly appear - the car then attempts to brake automatically unless the driver acts within a reasonable time him/herself.

Parameters and subfunctions for City Safety

City Safety can avoid a collision with a vehicle, a cyclist, a pedestrian or a larger animal in front by reducing the car's speed with the auto-brake function.

Setting the warning distance for City Safety

City Safety is always activated but the driver can select the warning distance for the function.

Messages for City Safety

A number of messages regarding City Safety can be shown in the driver display.

Limitations of City Safety

The City Safety* function may have limitations in certain situations.

City Safety brakes for oncoming vehicles

City Safety can assist the driver to use emergency braking for an oncoming vehicle in your car's lane.

City Safety in cross traffic

City Safety can help the driver when turning and crossing the path of another oncoming vehicle at an intersection.

City Safety steering assistance for evasive manoeuvre

City Safety steering assistance can help the driver to steer away from a vehicle/obstacle when it is not possible to avoid a collision simply by braking. City Safety steering assistance cannot be switched off, it is always activated.

Limitations of City Safety steering assistance when taking evasive action

City Safety may have limited functionality in certain situations and fail to intervene e.g.:

City Safety when evasive manoeuvres are prevented

City Safety has the facility to assist the driver by automatically braking the car earlier when it is not possible to avoid a collision by only steering away.

Detection of obstacles with City Safety

City Safety can help the driver to detect vehicles, cyclists, large animals and pedestrians.