Safety services

Safety services with Volvo On Call

Updated 1/14/2020

Automatic and manual alarms and the ability to call for road assistance are safety services available via Volvo On Call . Safety services are used for alarms in the event of accident or emergency situation.

Automatic alarm

When the car's safety system is triggered, e.g. in an accident in which the activation level is reached for the seatbelt tensioner or airbags, a signal will be automatically sent to Volvo On Call Service Centre. The following will occur:

  1. A message will be automatically sent from the car to Volvo On Call Service Centre.
  2. The Volvo On Call Service Centre then establishes verbal contact with the car's driver and tries to find out the extent of the collision and the need for help.
  3. The Volvo On Call Service Centre then contacts the necessary assistance (police, ambulance, towing, etc.).

If verbal contact cannot be established, the Volvo On Call Service Centre contacts the relevant authorities that assist with appropriate action.

Manual alarm

Contact the Volvo On Call service centre to request assistance in emergency situations.

Roadside assistance

Call for help in the event of e.g. a puncture, fuel shortage or discharged battery.


A message will be shown in the car's screen when the battery needs service or replacement.

A separate subscription may need to be taken out for the roadside assistance service.

Emergency number

When the alarm service is activated the system attempts to establish contact with the Volvo On Call Service Centre. If this is not possible, then the call is routed to the designated emergency number for the area where the car is locatedApplies to certain markets..

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