Symbols and messages

Symbols in the centre display's status bar

Updated 1/14/2020

Overview of the symbols that can be shown in the centre display's status bar.

The status bar shows activities in progress and, in some cases, their status. Not all symbols are shown all the time due to the limited space in the status bar.



Roaming activated.

Signal strength in mobile phone network.

Bluetooth device connected.

Bluetooth activated but no device connected.

Connected to Wi-Fi network.

Tethering activated (Wi-Fi hotspot). The car then shares the available connection.

Car modem activated.

Connected to the Internet via USB.

Connection type to mobile phone network (2G, 3G).

Remote diagnostics active.

Process in progress.

Preconditioning in progress.

Audio source being played back.

Audio source stopped.

Phone call in progress.

Audio source muted.

News is received from the radio channel.

Traffic information is received.


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