Quality and reassurance

With Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty, repairs carried out on your Volvo are covered for defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the car.

A little extra peace of mind

When you let your Volvo workshop take care of your car, you will be eligible for our Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty. So, letting our expert technicians repair your Volvo using Volvo Genuine Parts will always give you a little extra peace of mind – no matter how many miles you’ve driven it.
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Only available at authorised Volvo workshops

Volvo Cars warrants that all parts installed at an authorised Volvo workshop will be free from defects in material or workmanship. The coverage includes the labour to replace the covered replacement part. The warranty does not cover accessories, wear & tear parts or consumables. There is no coverage for parts needing replacement due to any outside influence. For full terms and conditions click below.
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FAQ - Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty

  • What happens if the car is sold within the family?

    When the car changes registered owner the warranty ends, even if the transfer is within the family.

  • Why not Lifetime Warranty on parts from factory?

    Parts on new cars from factory follow New Car Warranty.

  • Why not Lifetime Warranty on parts bought earlier?

    Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty applies only to parts bought after the introduction of the concept on your market.

  • I don’t have a receipt. Can I still claim Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty?

    No. Without receipt (or other valid documentation about the purchase), the warranty can’t be claimed. Contact your Volvo workshop to find out if it is possible to get a copy of an old receipt.

  • My part breaks down in another country than it was bought in. What happens?

    If you bought your part in a market with Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty you will get help at a Volvo authorized workshop in the country where the part breaks down. The same procedure with clearing between NSCs as for general parts warranty will apply.

  • Is there a maximum number of times the same part can be replaced within Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty?


  • Do I get Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty if I buy a Volvo genuine spare part and install it myself or at a workshop outside the Volvo network.

    No, the warranty only applies when the part is bought and installed at an authorized Volvo workshop.

  • Does the warranty apply if a Volvo genuine part has been bought and installed at a wholesale dealer?

    No, the warranty only applies when the part is bought and installed at an authorized Volvo workshop.

  • Is Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty valid for Remanufactured parts?

    Yes, the warranty is valid also for remanufactured Volvo Genuine parts.

  • Which parts are included and not included?

    Parts like gearbox, AC compressor and steering gears are included while wear and tear parts such as break pads and wiper blades are not included. For full scope see warranty manual.

  • What if a failing part that causes failure on other parts, will these parts also be covered?

    Yes, parts that fails due to a defect in another part (that is eligible for Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty) will also be replaced free of charge.

  • Are shock absorbers wear and tare parts?


  • What if a part was paid partly by customer and partly by goodwill, is that part eligible for Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty?

    Yes, if a part was paid by a customer completely or partially it will be eligible for Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty.