Cargo area

The car has a flexible cargo area that makes it possible to transport and secure large objects. There is also a front luggage compartment under the bonnet.

P6-2139-C40BEV-iCup-Luggage storage overview
Cargo area with storage space under the cargo floor.

By folding down the backrests in the rear seat, the cargo area can become quite spacious. Use the load retaining eyelets or bag holders available for holding the load securely in place. The parcel shelf can be removed easily to make room for bulky loads.

If the car is equipped with a spare wheel then this is attached on the cargo area floor.

Front luggage compartment

P6-2122-XC40BEV-iCup-Frunk overview

There is additional storage space under the bonnet. The car's towing eye and emergency puncture repair kit are also stored in the cargo area.