Remote starting climate control using the Volvo Cars app*

You can use the Volvo Cars app to remote start the climate control in order to heat or cool the car to a comfortable temperature.
Go to the Px-2037-VOC app icon Home tab and tap on Px-2417-VC app climate icon.
Press Start.
The climate control starts and runs for 30 minutes.

Setting the timer for climate control

A timer can be set so that the climate control starts automatically in order to heat the passenger compartment prior to departure. There is the option to set up to 8 different timers. Each timer can be set by selecting the time and day of the week, as well as whether the setting should be repeated weekly.

Set the timers from Px-2417-VC app climate icon in the Px-2037-VOC app icon Home tab.

Other climate settings

Heating the driver's seat, passenger seat and steering wheel1 is automatically activated in cold weather.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to cars equipped with steering wheel heating.