Range assistant

The range assistant provides the driver with general information and assistance based on the car's current status in order to facilitate more economical driving.

Factors that the driver can primarily influence in order to extend the range include speed, driving style, and climate settings. Each factor has a meter that indicates current energy usage. When the gauge changes colour from blue to orange the driver should review his/her energy usage in order to adopt more economical driving behaviour.

P5P6-21w46-iCup-Range speed

Speed: The car's average speed during the last minute.

P5P6-21w46-iCup-Range driving style

Driving style: Acceleration and braking behaviour during the last few minutes.

P5P6-21w46-iCup-Range climate cool

Climate control: Estimated average consumption based on the current climatization settings.

Next to the estimated range, there are two numbers that indicate expected short and long range based on high and low consumption, respectively. These values are defined as:

Long range: Assumes typical urban driving with the climate system not running.

Short range: Assumes motorway driving at high speed with the climate system running.

Consumption is shown in kWh/100 km when the vehicle is in motion, and as kW (kWh/h) when stationary. The value is instantaneous and will therefore indicate high values when accelerating and driving up hills.

Optimising range

The range optimisation function adjusts the climate settings in order to save energy and therefore extend the range of the car.

Activate or deactivate range optimisation via the centre display
Press iCup-2037-App view symbol.
Select Range assistant.
Activating or deactivating range optimisation.


At 50% or higher state of charge, a message is shown that allows the driver to switch off the range optimiser.


In cold ambient temperatures, the output of the heater is reduced. If the climate feels too cold, deactivate range optimisation.

In hot ambient temperatures, cooling is limited. If the climate feels too hot, deactivate range optimisation.

Problems with misting may occur since the AC function that adjusts humidity is limited.

Since the AC function is limited, air recirculation increases, which may lead to a less comfortable feeling of air quality, especially in the rear seat.

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