Remove and store the parcel shelf

The parcel shelf can be removed to increase the size of the cargo area.

Removing parcel shelf

P6-2139-C40BEV-Parcel shelf removal
P5-Icon red arrow 1

Detach the parcel shelf's lifting eyes on both sides.

P5-Icon red arrow 2

Unhook the parcel shelf at the front edge and remove it.

Parcel shelf storage beneath the cargo area floor

P6-2139-C40BEV-Parcel shelf stow away under load floor

The removed parcel shelf can be stored under the cargo area floor.

P5-Icon red arrow 1

Fold up the cargo area floor and secure it in raised position with the support arm.

P5-Icon red arrow 2

Turn the upper side of the parcel shelf downwards and lower it into the space with the rear part facing forwards.

With folding cargo area floor*:
P6-1746-XC40-Folded load floor in a pile

Fold up the folding cargo area floor forwards to be able to lower the parcel shelf downwards with the upper side turned down and the rear part facing forwards.

Fold the cargo area floor back to level position.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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