Fitting and removing the safety net*

The safety net prevents loads from being thrown forward in the passenger compartment in the event of sudden braking.

The safety net is fitted into four mounting points, and for reasons of safety, the safety net must always be fastened and anchored as described below. The simplest way to fit the net is via the rear doors.

The safety net is made of a strong nylon fabric and is attached behind the front seats.

Fitting the safety net


Check that the safety net's upper mountings are correctly fitted and that the puller-straps are securely hooked on.

Damaged safety nets must not be used.

Unfold the safety net with the upper attachment hooks facing up.
Hook one retaining hook of the net into the roof mounting with the anchoring strap locks turned towards you.

Hook the net's second attachment hook to the roof bracket on the opposite side.

Take care to press forward the net's retaining hooks for each respective roof mounting's front end position.

Tension the safety net with the anchoring straps.

With the net fitted in the roof mountings, hook the puller-straps into the outer eyes on the rear of all seat slide rails. The procedure is facilitated if the backrests are straightened and the seats are moved forward slightly.

P6-1746-XC40- Safety net front position installation
Fitting the safety net.

Pay attention to make sure that you do not exert hard pressure on the net when the seat and backrest are moved back again. Only adjust until the seat or backrest makes contact with the net.


If a seat or backrest is pushed backwards hard into the safety net, the net and roof mounts may be damaged.

Removing the safety net

The safety net can be easily removed and folded up.
Reduce safety net tension by pressing the button in the anchoring strap lock and feeding out a little of the anchoring strap on each side.
Press in the catches and detach both of the anchoring strap's hooks.
Undo the upper attachments and release the net from the roof mountings.
Fold and roll up the net. Then store it in its case.
  1. * Option/accessory.