One Pedal Drive

One Pedal Drive is ideal for city driving. Using One Pedal Drive, the car can be driven in a smooth way by simply depressing and releasing the accelerator pedal, without the need to use the brake pedal.


Driving with One Pedal Drive usually means that driving becomes less energy efficient, as it facilitates involuntary braking and acceleration.


One Pedal Drive is not recommended in slippery driving conditions.

Activating or deactivating One Pedal Drive

There are various modes for One Pedal Drive that are activated and deactivated in the centre display.

Press iCup-2037-Settings symbol in the centre display.
Select Driving.
Activate or deactivate the desired mode for One Pedal Drive.
PositionThe car's behaviour
OffNo brake force is applied and the car rolls freely
OnHigh braking effect, suitable for urban driving.
AutoAutomatic adjustment of brake force based on the distance to the vehicle ahead.


  • One Pedal Drive cannot be enabled when driving mode Off-road is enabled and the button is shown as grey.
  • When Off-road is enabled, One Pedal Drive is automatically set to Off and Creep is changed to On.
  • When Off-road is disabled, the settings for One Pedal Drive reset to those used before Off-road was enabled.

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