Automatic car wash

It is important to prepare the car if it shall be washed in an automatic car wash. Follow the instructions carefully for how to handle the car before and during washing.

An automatic car wash may be a quick and easy way to clean the car, but will not reach all the parts of the car that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Volvo recommends supplementing automatic car washing with hand washing.


Avoid washing a brand new car in an automatic car wash during the first few months. This would allow the paintwork to fully harden.

Preparations before washing

In an automatic car wash where the car is pulled through the car wash, it is important to switch off functions that prevent the car from rolling freely.

  • Secure or remove protruding exterior parts such as retrofitted auxiliary lamps and antennas.
  • Make sure that the automatic rain sensor function is deactivated. The windscreen wipers must be switched off the whole time the car is being washed to avoid the risk of damage.
  • Select the parking camera view iCup-2037-Camera view symbol in the centre display and deactivate the park assist sensors and auto-brake when reversing. They may be reactivated if the car is restarted, and must be deactivated again.

During washing


Keep the windows, doors, panoramic roof* and tailgate closed the whole time the car is being washed.

If the car is equipped with keyless locking and unlocking*:

Take out the key and store it openly in the front part of the car while the car is being washed. This minimises the risk of opening the tailgate unintentionally by pressing a button, or that the key is incorrectly detected outside the car.

Keep the seatbelt fastened the whole time the car is being washed.
Drive into the car wash and stop at the designated location.
Select gear position N.


The system will automatically activate the parking brake if the above steps are not followed. The parking brake must not be activated when in an automatic car wash.


Do not switch off the car via the centre display. The parking brake is activated if the car is switched off.


Do not use tow mode in connection with an automatic car wash.
The car travels through the automatic car wash.
Do not forget to restore the adjustments that were made before the car wash.

After washing


Dry the brakes after washing the car in order to reduce the risk of corrosion. While braking is in progress, shift to N in order to warm up the friction brakes. The function warms up the brakes so that they dry more quickly. Make sure that other road users are not put at risk by the braking.
  1. * Option/accessory.