Brake assistance when stationary

Brake assist can be automatically activated to hold the car stationary in certain situations.

Brake assist is available even when braking when stationary (Hold) is deactivated.

Brake assist is activated:

  • When stationary if gear position D or R is selected and the car is at risk of starting to move in the opposite direction to selected direction of travel
  • When stationary if creep mode is deactivated

Brake assist is deactivated:

  • When gear position D or R is selected and the driver depresses the accelerator pedal
  • When the driver selects gear position N
The parking brake is activated automatically
  • if the car is switched off.
  • when the driver unbuckles the seatbelt and/or opens the driver's door.
  • if the function Hold (brake when stationary) is activated and the car has been stationary for a while (approx. 5–10 minutes).