Locking and unlocking with the detachable key blade

Amongst other things, the detachable key blade can be used to unlock the car from the outside - e.g. if the remote control key's battery has become discharged.


P5-1507 Unlock with removable keyblade
P5-Icon red arrow 1

Pull out the front door handle on the left-hand side to its end position so that the lock cylinder becomes visible1.

P5-Icon red arrow 2

Insert the key in the lock cylinder.

P5-Icon red arrow 3

Turn clockwise 45 degrees so that the key blade is pointing straight back.

P5-Icon red arrow 4

Turn the key back 45 degrees to its starting position. Remove the key from the lock cylinder and release the handle so that the rear section of the handle is resting against the car again.

Pull out the handle.
The door opens.


When the door is unlocked using the key blade and is then opened, the alarm is triggered. The alarm must be deactivated manually, see separate section.


The left-hand front door can be locked with its lock cylinder and the detachable key blade.

The other doors have a locking switch at the end that must be pushed in using the key blade – then they are mechanically locked/inhibited from opening from outside.

The doors can still be opened from the inside.

P5-1507-XC90- Manual locking
Manual locking of the door. Not to be confused with the child safety lock.
Remove the detachable key blade from the remote control key.
Insert the key blade in the hole for lock reset.
Press in the key until the key bottoms, approximately 12 mm (0.5 inches).
P5-Icon gray box AThe door can be opened from both the outside and the inside.
P5-Icon gray box BThe door is blocked against opening from the outside. To return to position A, the inner door handle must be opened.


  • A door's lock reset only locks that particular door - not all doors simultaneously.
  • A manually locked rear door with child lock activated cannot be opened from inside or outside. The door can then only be unlocked with the key buttons, central locking button, the keyless locking system* or Volvo On Call*.
  1. 1 This applies whether the car is right-hand drive or left-hand drive.
  2. * Option/accessory.