Settings for Bluetooth devices

Settings for Bluetooth-connected devices.
Press Settings in the top view.
Press CommunicationBluetooth Devices and select settings:
  • Add device - starts the pairing of a new device.
  • Previously paired devices - lists registered/paired devices.
  • Remove device - removes the connected device.
  • Allowed services for this device - sets device usage options: calling, sending/receiving messages, streaming media and as Internet connection.
  • Internet connection - connects the car to the Internet via the device's Bluetooth connection.


Some phones require that the phone's Bluetoothvolume is manually set to 100% in order for the audio volume in the car to be sufficiently high. This setting needs to be made for each phone connected. The setting is made once for phone calls and once for streaming media. The system will then remember the setting and it does not need to be repeated next time the phone is connected.