Towing capacity and towball load

Towing capacity and towball load for driving with a trailer can be read in the tables.

Max. weight braked trailer


Use of vibration dampers on the towbar is recommended for trailers heavier than 1800 kg.
EngineEngine code1GearboxMax. weight braked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
T5 AWDB4204T23Automatic1800100
T5 AWDB4204T20Automatic1800100
T6 AWDB4204T27Automatic2000100
B5 AWDB420T2Automatic1800100
B6 AWDB420TAutomatic2000100


When driving with a trailer, it is permitted to exceed the vehicle's gross vehicle weight (including towball load) by a maximum of 100 kg (220 lbs), provided that speed is limited to 100 km/h (62 mph). National legal requirements for the vehicle combination, such as speed, etc. must be observed.


If there is no weight data in the table, this is available in an enclosed supplement.

Max. weight unbraked trailer

Max. weight unbraked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
  1. 1 The engine code, component number and serial number can be found on the engine.