Leaving a car park with Park Assist Pilot

The function Park Out can also help the driver to leave a parking space.


When leaving a parking space, the Park Out function must only be used for a parallel-parked car - it does not work for a perpendicular-parked car.
P5-1507-Knapp-PAP På/Av

The Park Out function is activated in the centre display's function view or in the camera view.

Proceed as follows:
Tap on the Park Out button in the function view or in the camera view.
Use the direction indicator to select the direction in which the car should leave the parking space.
Be prepared to stop the car when instructed by the graphic and message on the centre display - follow the instructions in the same way as for the parking procedure.

Note the steering wheel can "spring" back when the function is completed - the driver may then need to turn the steering wheel back to the maximum steering angle in order to leave the parking space.

If PAP considers that the driver can leave the parking space without any extra manoeuvring then the function will be stopped, even if the driver may consider that the car is still in the parking space.

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