Adjusting the length of the seat cushion in the front seat

Both the multi-function control* on the seat and the centre display can be used in order to change the settings. The range of settings is shown in the centre display.

P5-1507-Multifunction frot seat
Multi-function control, located on the side of the seat's seating section.

To activate the multi-function control, turn the control upwards/downward.

Adjusting the seat cushion

Seat cushion length can be adjusted by using the multi-function control on the seat.

Activate the multi-function control by turning the control upward/downward. The seat settings view will be shown on the centre display.

Select Cushion extension in the seat settings view.

  • Press the front section of the four-way button (round) to extend the seat cushion.
  • Press the rear section of the four-way button to retract the seat cushion.
  1. * Option/accessory.