Book service and repair1

This service provides a convenient way to book a service and workshop visit directly in the car.

When it is time for service, and in some cases when the car is in need of repair, a message will appear in the driver display and at the top of the centre display. The service date is determined by how much time has passed, hours that the engine has been running, or distance driven since the last service.

Before the service can be used

  • Create a Volvo ID and register the Volvo ID to the car.
  • Select the Volvo retailer you would like to contact by going to and logging in.
  • To send and receive booking information, the car must be connected to the Internet2.

Book a service

When you decide to book a service from your car, the information will be sent via you Internet connection2.

Fill in the appointment request when desired or when a message stating that service or repairs are needed is shown in the driver display and at the top of the centre display.

Open the Car status app from the app view in the centre display.
Press the Appointments button.
Press the Request appointment button.
Make sure that the correct Volvo ID is filled in.
Make sure that the desired Workshop is filled in.
Fill in the field Tap to write information to the workshop if there is anything you would like done during the workshop visit or any other important information to your workshop.
Press the Send appointment request button.

You will receive an appointment suggestion to your car within a couple of days3. You will also receive the same communication via e-mail and when you go to and log in.

In certain markets, once you have sent the appointment request, the message that the car needs service is extinguished in the driver display.

Press the Cancel request button to cancel your request.

The booking enquiry sent from the car includes car information that facilitates workshop planning.

The retailer comes back with a digital booking proposal. You also have information on your retailer available in the car and can contact your workshop at any time.

Accept the appointment suggestion

When the car has received an appointment suggestion, a message will be shown at the top of the centre display.

Tap the message.
If the suggested booking is acceptable, tap on the Accept button. Otherwise press either of the Send new proposal or Decline buttons.

For certain markets, the system reminds you of a scheduled appointment time as it approaches and the navigation system4 can also guide you to the workshop when the time comes.

  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. 2 Data is transferred (data traffic) when using the Internet, and this may involve a cost.
  3. 3 This time frame may vary depending on market.
  4. * Option/accessory.
  5. 4 Applies to Sensus Navigation*.