Connecting the car to the Internet via a mobile device (Wi-Fi)

Create an Internet connection via Wi-Fi by sharing your phone's Internet access and access several online services in the car.

The phone and network operator must support tethering (sharing the Internet connection) and the subscription plan must include data.

P5–1507–WiFi logo small
Activate tethering (portable/personal hotspot) on the phone.
Press Settings in the top view.
Continue to CommunicationWi-Fi.
Activate/deactivate by ticking/unticking the box for Wi-Fi.
Tap on the network name of the network to be connected.
Enter the network password.
If another connection source has been used in the past - confirm the option to change connection.
The car connects to the network.

Note that certain phones switch off tethering after the contact with the car has been disconnected, e.g. when leaving the car and until the next time it is used. The tethering in the phone therefore needs to be reactivated the next time it is used.

When a phone is connected to the car, it is saved for future use. When the maximum number of saved phones (50) is reached, the first connected phones are deleted. To show a list of saved networks or manually delete saved networks, go to SettingsCommunicationWi-FiSaved networks.

Technical and safety requirements for Wi-Fi connection, are described in a separate section.