Managing the centre display

Many of the car's functions are controlled and regulated from the centre display. The centre display is a touch screen that reacts to touch.

Using the touch screen functionality in the centre display

The screen reacts differently depending on whether you press, drag or swipe across it. Actions such as browsing between different views, marking objects, scrolling in a list and moving apps can be performed by touching the screen in different ways.

An infrared light curtain just above the surface of the screen enables the screen to detect a finger that is just in front of the screen. This technology makes it possible to use the screen even with gloves on.

Two people can interact with the screen at the same time, e.g. to adjust the climate for the driver and passenger side respectively.


Do not use sharp objects on the screen as they may scratch it.

The table below presents the different procedures for operating the screen:

Press once.Highlights an object, confirms a selection or activates a function.
Press twice in quick succession.Zooms in on a digital object, such as the map*.
Press and hold.Grabs an object. Can be used to move apps or map points on the map*. Press and hold your finger against the screen and at the same time drag the object to the desired location.
P5-1507-Gestures-Tap with two fingers
Tap once with two fingers.Zooms out from a digital object, such as the map*.
DragChanges between different views, scrolls a list, text or view. Hold depressed and drag in order to move apps or map points on the map*. Drag horizontally or vertically across the screen.
Swipe/drag quickly

Changes between different views, scrolls a list, text or view. Drag horizontally or vertically across the screen.

Note that touching the upper section of the screen may cause the top view to open.

Drag apartZooms in.
Drag togetherZooms out.

Returning to home view from another view

Briefly press the home button below the centre display.
The last position of the home view is shown.
Briefly press again.
All tiles of the home view are set to their default mode.


In home view standard mode - briefly press the home button. An animation that describes access to the different views is shown on the screen.

Scrolling in a list, article or view

When a scroll indicator is visible in the screen, it is possible to scroll downward or upward in the view. Swipe downwards/upwards anywhere in the view.

P5-1546 - Scroll indicator in centerdisplay
The scroll indicator appears in the centre display when it is possible to scroll in the view.

Using the controls in the centre display

P5-1507–Climate–Temperature regulation
Temperature control.

The control is used for many of the car's functions. Regulate e.g. temperature by means of one of the following:

  • drag the control to the desired temperature,
  • tap on + or in order to raise or lower the temperature gradually, or
  • tap on the desired temperature on the control.
  1. * Option/accessory.