Overtaking assistance with Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control (ACC1) can assist the driver when overtaking other vehicles.

How overtaking assistance works

When ACC is following another vehicle and the driver indicates the intention to overtake by activating the direction indicator2, adaptive cruise control helps by accelerating the vehicle towards the vehicle in front before the driver’s vehicle reaches the overtaking lane.

The function then delays reducing speed in order to avoid premature braking when the driver’s car is approaching a slower vehicle.

The function remains active until the driver’s vehicle has cleared the overtaken vehicle.


Be aware that this function can be activated in more situations than during overtaking, e.g. when a direction indicator is used to indicate a change of lane or exit to another road – the car will then accelerate briefly.
  1. 1 Adaptive Cruise Control
  2. 2 On left flash only in left-hand-drive car, or right flash in right-hand-drive car.

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