Accessories for easier living

Often crafted with sustainability in mind, our range of accessories are tried, tested, and tailored to your Volvo to ensure the perfect fit and functionality.

Volvo XC60 with a bicycle holder for load carrier.
Detail of a stainless-steel running board

Step up your game

Not only does our running board enhance your car’s stylish look, it’s practical too. Enabling you to step up to reach the roof for simpler loading and unloading.

Travel Premier Designed by Volvo 430 litres

Make room for adventure

A roof box is the perfect companion to any road trip, freeing up extra space in the load compartment – ideal for packed weekends away.

Polestar Engineered badge

Next-level performance

For a more dynamic and powerful drive with faster engine response and acceleration, choose the Polestar Performance Optimisation software upgrade. Designed to take your car’s performance to the next level.

Female playing with a dog on the beach

Cover yourself

From mats to bumper covers. Protect the interior and exterior of your Volvo with one of our exclusive accessory packages, designed to perfectly complement your car.

A dog inside a Volvo dog gate accessory

A car’s best friend

No more letting the dogs out. Uniquely designed to fit your car’s load compartment, our dog gate combines a protective grille and compartment divider to keep furry friends secure on the road.

Charging cable bag

Stay in charge

There’s no greater feeling than arriving to a fully charged car. Our stylish charging cable bag provides the perfect home for easy storage, keeping your interior clean and free from dirt.

Explore the collection

Explore our full range of premium accessories – designed to make life with your Volvo simpler, safer, and more convenient.

A child sitting in a Volvo child seat looking outside

Child safety

Volvo Cars has always been at the forefront of child safety innovation. Our approach is based on real-life safety research and a keen understanding of both you and your child’s needs.

This accessory might not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Volvo dealership for more information