Android Auto*

Android Auto gives you the option to listen to music, make phone calls, get directions and use car-adapted apps from an Android device. Android Auto works with selected Android devices.
P5-1717-Android Auto

Information about which apps are supported and which phones are compatible is available on the website: For third-party apps, see Google Play. Please note that Volvo is not responsible for the content in Android Auto.

Android Auto is started from the app view. After Android Auto has been started once, the app will be started automatically the next time the device is connected. Automatic start can be deactivated under settings.


When a phone is connected to Android Auto it is possible to stream via Bluetooth to another media player. Bluetooth is active while Android Auto is being used.

When using map navigation via Android Auto there is no guidance in the driver display or head-up display, but only in the centre display.

Android Auto can be controlled via the centre display using the steering wheel's right-hand keypad or voice control. A long press on the steering wheel button P5–1507–Voice control button starts voice recognition control and a short press deactivates.

For using Android Auto, the following applies: Android Auto is a service provided by Google Inc. in accordance with its user terms and conditions. Volvo Cars is not responsible for Android Auto or its functions or applications. When you use Android Auto, certain information from your car (including its position) will be transferred to your connected Android phone. You are fully responsible for your own or anyone else's use of Android Auto.

  1. * Option/accessory.