Connecting the car to the Internet via a mobile device (Bluetooth)

Create an Internet connection via Bluetooth by sharing your phone's Internet access and access several online services in the car.

The phone and network operator must support tethering (sharing the Internet connection) and the subscription plan must include data.

To be able to connect the car to the Internet via a Bluetooth-connected phone, the phone has to have already been connected to the car via Bluetooth for a first time. Ensure that the personal hotspot (portable/personal hotspot) is activated in your phone.
If the phone has been connected via Bluetooth previously, press Settings in the centre display top view.
In the centre display: Press CommunicationBluetooth Devices.
Tick the box for Bluetooth Internet connection under the heading Internet connection.
Your car is now connected to the Internet via the Bluetooth-connected phone.


When using Apple CarPlay, it is only possible to connect the car to the Internet using Wi-Fi or the car modem*.
  1. * Option/accessory.