Specify destination with free text searching

A destination can be set in different ways in the navigation system* - with free text searching, for example, a search can be made using phone numbers, postcodes, streets, cities, coordinates and points of interest (POI1).

The on-screen keyboard can be used to type most characters and to search for destinations.

When the map is shown, expand the tools field using the down arrow on the left-hand side and press Set dest.

P5-1717-Navi-Set destination symbol
The map image changes to free text searching.
Enter a search term in the search box or first limit the hits by selecting a filter.
Search hits are shown while characters are being entered.

If the search gives the desired result - tap on a search hit to show its information card and select to continue to use the search hit.

If the search gives too may results - tap on Advanced filter and select position to search around, and then select to continue to use the search hit:

  • Around car
  • Around destination - only shown if a destination is entered.
  • Along route - only shown if a destination is entered.
  • Around point on map


A destination can also be specified with map coordinates.

  • Type, for example, “N 58.1234 E 12.5678” and tap Search.
The points of the compass N, E, S and W can be entered in different ways, e.g. in accordance with the following:
N 58,1234   E 12,5678 (with spaces)
N58,1234   E12,5678 (without spaces)
58,1234N   12,5678E (with the point of the compass after the coordinate)
58,1234-12,5678 (with hyphen without point of the compass)

You can use a comma [] instead of a full stop [.] if you prefer.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Point of Interest