Limitations of Rear Collision Warning

In certain cases the RCW may have difficulty helping the driver in the event of a collision risk.
This can be, for example, if:
  • the vehicle approaching from behind is detected too late
  • the vehicle approaching from behind changes lane at the last moment
  • the vehicle approaching from behind has a speed exceeding 80 km/h (50 mph)
  • a trailer, bicycle rack or similar is connected to the car's electrical system - the RCW function is then deactivated automatically.


In certain markets, RCW does not give a warning with the direction indicators due to local traffic regulations - in such cases, this part of the function is deactivated.


The warning with direction indicators for Rear Collision Warning is deactivated if the warning distance for collision warning in the City Safety function is set at the lowest level "Late".

The seat belt pre-tensioning and braking functions are, however, still active.

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