Controlling climate control with voice recognition1

Voice recognition commands for the climate control system to e.g. change temperature, activate a heated seat* or change fan level.
Press P5–1507–Voice control button and say one of the following commands:
  • "Climate" - starts a dialogue for climate control and shows examples of commands.
  • "Set temperature to X degrees" - sets the desired temperature.
  • "Raise temperature"/"Lower temperature" - raise/lower the temperature setting one step.
  • "Sync temperature" - synchronises the temperature for all climate zones in the car with the temperature set for the driver's side.
  • "Air on feet"/"Air on body" - opens the desired air flow.
  • "Air on feet off"/"Air on body off" - closes the desired air flow.
  • "Set fan to max"/"Turn off fan" - changes the air flow to Max/Off.
  • "Raise fan speed"/"Lower fan speed" - raises/lowers the fan level one step.
  • "Turn on auto" - activates automatic climate regulation.
  • "Air condition on"/"Air condition off" - activates/deactivates the air conditioning.
  • "Recirculation on"/"Recirculation off" - activates/deactivates the air circulation.
  • "Turn on defroster "/"Turn off defroster" - activates/deactivates defrosting of windows and door mirrors.
  • "Turn on max defroster"/"Turn max defroster off" - activates/deactivates the max defroster.
  • "Turn on electric defroster"/"Turn off electric defroster" - activates/deactivates the heated windscreen*.
  • "Turn on rear defroster"/"Turn off rear defroster" - activates/deactivates the heated rear window and door mirrors.
  • "Turn steering wheel heat on"/"Turn steering wheel heat off" - activates/deactivates the heated steering wheel*.
  • "Raise steering wheel heat"/"Lower steering wheel heat" - raises/lowers the setting for the heated steering wheel* one step.
  • "Turn on seat heat"/"Turn off seat heat" - activates/deactivates the heated seat*.
  • "Raise seat heat"/"Lower seat heat" - raises/lowers the setting for the heated seat* one step.
  • "Turn on seat ventilation"/"Turn off seat ventilation" - activates/deactivates the seat ventilation*.
  • "Raise seat ventilation"/"Lower seat ventilation" - raises/lowers the setting for the ventilated seat* one step.
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  2. * Option/accessory.