Park Assist*

The Park Assist Pilot function can assist the driver when manoeuvring in tight spaces by indicating the distance to obstacles through acoustic signals combined with a graphic in the centre display.
P5-1507-PAS screen view
Screen view showing obstacle zones and sensor sectors.

The centre display shows an overview of the relationship between the car and detected obstacles.

The highlighted sector indicates the location of the obstacle. The closer the car symbol is to a highlighted sector box, the shorter the distance between the car and detected obstacle.

The shorter the distance to the obstacle, the faster the signal sounds. Other sound from the audio system is muted automatically.

The acoustic signal for obstacles ahead and to the sides is active when the car is moving but stops after the car has been stationary for approx. 2 seconds. The acoustic signal for obstacles behind is also active when the car is stationary.

At a distance within 30 cm (1 ft) from an obstacle behind or in front of the car, the tone is constant and the active sensor's field closest to the car symbol is filled.

The volume of the parking assistance signal can be adjusted while the signal is sounding by means of the [>II] knob on the centre console. Adjustment can also be performed in the top view's Settings menu option.


  • Acoustic warnings are only given for objects directly on the vehicle's route.


  • The Park Assist function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and make it safer – it cannot handle all situations in all traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • The parking sensors have blind spots where obstacles cannot be detected.
  • Be particularly aware of people and animals near the car.
  • The Park Assist system is not a substitute for the driver's attention and judgement. The driver is always responsible for ensuring the car is driven in a safe manner, at the appropriate speed, with an appropriate distance to other vehicles, and in accordance with current traffic rules and regulations.
  1. * Option/accessory.