Spare wheel*

The spare wheel, the Temporary spare type, can be used to temporarily replace a punctured normal wheel.

The spare tyre is only designed for temporary use. Replace it with a normal wheel as soon as possible.

The car's driving characteristics can be changed when the spare wheel is used and the ground clearance is reduced. Do not wash the car in an automatic car wash if the Temporary Spare is being used.

Recommended tyre pressure must be maintained regardless of the position of the temporary spare wheel on the car.

If the spare tyre is damaged then a new one can be purchased from a Volvo dealer.


  • Never drive faster than 80 km/h (50 mph) with a spare wheel fitted on the car.
  • The car must never be driven fitted with more than one spare wheel of the type "Temporary Spare" at the same time.
  • The car may have different driving characteristics while driving with the spare wheel. The spare wheel must be replaced with a normal wheel as soon as possible.
  • The spare wheel is smaller than the normal wheel, which affects the car's ground clearance. Look out for high kerbs and do not machine-wash the car.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended tyre pressure for the spare wheel.
  • On all-wheel drive cars, the drive on the rear axle can be disengaged.
  • If the spare wheel is fitted to the front axle then it is not possible to use snow chains at the same time.
  • The spare wheel must not be repaired.


The car must not be driven with tyres of different sizes or with a spare tyre other than the one supplied with the car. Using different-sized wheels can cause serious damage to the car's transmission.
P5-1617-S90-V90-spare wheel storage
The illustration is schematic - the shape of the foam block may vary depending on car model.

The spare wheel is located in the spare wheel well with the outside down. The same bolt runs through to secure the spare wheel and the foam block. The foam block contains all the tools for changing a wheel.

  1. * Option/accessory.