Locking and unlocking

The car can be locked and unlocked in several different ways. There are two types of keys to the car.

The car can be locked/unlocked using the remote control key's buttons or keylessly with Passive Entry*. Then you only need to have the key in a pocket, for example. It is also possible to lock and unlock from the inside of the car and via the Volvo On Call* app.

The remote control key is not physically used when starting since the car is equipped with support for keyless starting (Passive Start) as standard. You simply need to have the key in the front part of the passenger compartment. With keyless locking and unlocking (Passive Entry)* the key can be anywhere in the car to start the car.

These keys can be linked to different driver profiles to save personal preferences in the car.

If the remote control key for any reason does not work for locking and unlocking, it may indicate that the batteries need to be replaced. The car can then be locked and unlocked with the detachable key blade.

For cars equipped with keyless locking and unlocking*, a slightly smaller, lighter and button-less key (Key Tag) is also supplied.

A Red Key* (restricted remote control key) makes it possible to set restrictions for some of the car's properties, e.g. the car's maximum speed and the loudspeaker system's maximum volume.

  1. * Option/accessory.