Steering assistance with lane assistance

For steering assistance LKA1 to function, the driver’s hands must be on the steering wheel. The system monitors this continuously.
P5-1507-Knapp-LKA Hands-Off-Warning

If the driver does not keep his/her hands on the steering wheel, the driver display shows this symbol combined with a message, which prompts the driver to actively steer the car:

  • Lane Keeping Aid Apply steering
If the driver does not then start to steer, the symbol is shown again, combined with a warning sound and this message:
  • Lane Keeping Aid Standby until steering applied

If the driver then still does not follow the prompt to start steering, LKA1 is set in standby mode - the function will then be unavailable until the driver starts to steer the car again.

  1. 1 Lane Keeping Aid

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