Audio settings

The audio system is preset for optimal sound reproduction but can be adapted according to needs.

The volume is normally adjusted with the volume control below the centre display or with the right-hand steering wheel keypad. This applies, for example, during playback of music, radio, ongoing phone calls and active traffic messages.

Optimum sound reproduction

The audio system is pre-calibrated for optimum sound reproduction by means of digital signal processing. This calibration takes into account loudspeakers, amplifiers, passenger compartment acoustics, listener position, etc., for each combination of car model and audio system. There is also a dynamic calibration that takes into account the setting of the volume control and vehicle speed.

Audio settings as required

The following settings can be selected in the top view under SettingsSound:

  • Tone — personal preference for bass, treble, equaliser for example.
  • Balance - balance between right/left loudspeakers and balance between front/rear loudspeakers.
  • System Volumes – adjusts volume in the various systems of the car, e.g. Voice Control, Park Assist and Phone Ringtone.

Sound experience*

P5-1717-Sound Experience
Recreating the acoustics from Gothenburg Concert Hall.

Sound Experience is opened from the centre display's app view and gives access to further audio settings. The following settings can be made:

  • Studio - the sound can be optimised for Driver, All and Rear.
  • Individual stage - surround sound mode with settings for intensity and enclosure.
  • Concert hall - reproduces the acoustics from Gothenburg's Concert Hall.

Active noise reduction*

Certain cars are equipped with an active noise reduction function that suppresses engine noise in the passenger compartment via the audio system. Microphones in the car's roof detect disruptive noise and the audio system outputs anti-noise in order to dampen the noise.

P5–1507–ANC mic positions
Microphones in the car's roof.


Do not cover the car's microphones.
  1. * Option/accessory.