Managing speed for the Speed Limiter

The speed limiter (SL1) can be set to different speeds.

Setting/changing the stored speed

P5-1546-SL rattknappar-1
NOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.
Change the set speed with short or long presses on steering wheel button P5-1507-Symbol 5x3,5-CC rattknapp + (1) or Px-1717-Symbol 5x3,5-Rattknapp – (minus) (3):
  • Short press: Each press changes the speed in increments of +/- 5 km/h (+/- 5 mph).
  • Press and hold: Release the button when the set speed indicator (4) has moved to the desired speed.
  • The speed set after the last button press is stored in the memory.
  1. 1 Speed Limiter

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