Red Key - restricted remote control key*

A Red Key makes it possible for the car's owner to set limitations for certain of the car's properties. The limitations are intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner, e.g. when being loaned out.
1617 - Red key restricted

For a Red Key, it is possible to define the car's maximum speed, set speed reminders and determine the loudspeaker system's maximum volume. In addition, some of the car's driver support systems will always be active. Other functions of the key are the same as those of a normal remote control key.

One or more Red Keys can be ordered from a Volvo retailer. A total of eleven keys with restrictions can be programmed and used for a single car - at least one must be a normal remote control key.

The restrictions are intended to act as measures to reduce the risk of accidents, thereby making it feel safer to hand over the car to e.g. young drivers, valet parking or a workshop. The holder of a Red Key cannot change settings defined for it – a regular remote control key is required for this.

  1. * Option/accessory.