Road Sign Information and sign display

The Road Sign Information function (RSI1) registers and shows road signs in different ways depending on the sign and the situation.

P5-1507-RSI Instrumentvisning
Example2 of detected speed information.

When RSI detects a road sign with an imposed speed limit, the driver display shows the sign as a symbol in combination with a RED indication on the speedometer.

P5-1507-RSI Omkörningsförbud

An additional2 sign, such as "no overtaking", may be shown together with the speed limit symbol.

P5-1507-Symbol-RSI Förbjuden infart 19x19

If the driver enters a road marked with a no-entry sign at the roadside, the symbol for this sign2 flashes on and off on the driver display as a warning.

If the car is equipped with Sensus Navigation then information from the map is also used to determine whether the car is being driven in the wrong direction.

The driver can also get an acoustic warning when driving towards a no-entry entrance if the Road Sign Audio Warning function is activated - see the heading "Activating/deactivating the acoustic warning" in the section "Activating/deactivating Road Sign Information".

Speed limit or end of motorway

When RSI detects an "indirect speed limit sign" stating the end of the current speed limit - e.g. at the end of a motorway - a symbol appears with the corresponding road sign in the driver's display.

Example of indirect speed limit sign2:

P5-1507-RSI Alla begränsningar upphör

End of all restrictions.

P5-1507-RSI Motorväg upphör

End of motorway.

The driver display symbol extinguishes after 10-30 seconds and remains so until the next speed related sign is passed.

Changed speed limit

When passing a direct speed limit sign when a speed limit changes, a symbol with the corresponding road sign appears in the driver's display.

P5-1519-Trafikskyltsinfo Symbol 90kmh

Example of direct speed limit sign2.

The driver display symbol extinguishes after about 5 minutes and remains so until the next speed related sign is passed.

Additional signs

P5-1507-RSI Hastighet vid undantag
Examples of additional signs2.

Sometimes different speed limits are signed for the same road - an additional sign then indicates the circumstances under which the different speeds apply. The road section may be particularly susceptible to accidents in rain and/or fog, for example.

An additional sign relating to rain is displayed only if the windscreen wipers are in use.

If a trailer is connected to the car's electrical system and you pass a speed sign with the additional sign “trailer”, the indicated speed will appear on the driver display.

P5-1507-RSI Hastighet begränsad sträcka/tid på dygnet

Some speed limits only apply after a certain distance or at a certain time of day. The driver's attention is drawn to this fact by means of a symbol for an additional sign below the speed symbol. The additional symbol in the driver display will show either “DIST” or “TIME”.

P5-1507-RSI Hastighet m Tilläggstavla utan innehåll

A symbol for additional sign in the form of an empty frame under the driver display's speed symbol2 means that the RSI has detected an additional sign with supplementary information for the current speed limit.

Sign for "School" and "Children at play"

P5-1617-RSI-Trafikskylt Skola/Lekande barn

If the warning sign2 for "School" or "Children at play" is included in the satellite navigator's map data3, the driver display shows a sign of this type.

  1. 1 Road Sign Information
  2. 2 Road signs are market-dependent - the illustrations in these instructions only show examples.
  3. 3 Only in cars with Sensus Navigation.

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