Time and date

The clock is shown in both the driver display and the centre display.

Clock location

P5 - 15w46 - Clock DIM 8" and 12"
Clock location in the 12-inch and 8-inch driver display.

In the centre display, the clock is located at the top right of the status bar.

In certain situations, messages and information may cover the clock in the driver display.

Settings for time and date

Select SettingsSystemDate and Time in the centre display's top view to change settings for time and date format.

Adjust time and date by pressing the up or down arrow on the touch screen.

Automatic time for cars with GPS

When the car is equipped with a navigation system, Auto Time can be selected. The time zone is then adjusted automatically based on the location of the car. For certain types of navigation systems, the current location (country) must also be set to obtain the right time zone. If Auto Time is not selected, time and data are adjusted with arrow up or arrow down on the touch screen.

Summer time

In certain countries, it is possible to select automatic setting of summer time with Auto. For other countries, summer time can be set with On or Off.