Drive mode ECO

Drive mode Eco optimises the car's driving characteristics for more fuel efficient and environmentally-conscious driving.

Use this drive mode to save fuel and the environment.

The following properties are adapted for Eco driving:

  • Gearbox gearshift points1.
  • Engine management and response from the accelerator pedal.
  • The Eco Coast1 freewheel function is activated and engine braking is deactivated when the accelerator pedal is released at speeds between 65 and 140 km/h (40 and 87 mph).
  • Some of the climate control system's settings work at reduced power or are deactivated.
  • The driver display shows information in an ECO gauge which facilitates environmentally-conscious and fuel-efficient driving.

Free-wheel function Eco Coast1

The freewheel function Eco Coast means in practice that engine braking ceases, meaning in turn that the car's kinetic energy is used to freewheel for longer distances. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal the gearbox is automatically disengaged from the engine whose speed is reduced to idling speed with reduced consumption.

The function is best used where it is possible to freewheel a long way, e.g. roads with a slight downhill gradient or when there is a predictable speed reduction to freewheel into a zone with a lower speed limit.

Activating the freewheel function

The function is activated when the accelerator pedal is fully released, in combination with the following parameters:

  • Drive mode Eco is activated.
  • The gear selector is in D position.
  • Speed within the range of approx. 65-140 km/h (40-87 mph).
  • The road's downhill gradient is not steeper than approx. 6%.

The driver display shows COASTING when the freewheel function is being used.


The freewheel function is not available if:

  • Engine and/or gearbox are not at normal operating temperature.
  • The gear selector is moved from the D position and the manual position.
  • The speed is outside the range of approx. 65-140 km/h (40-87 mph).
  • The road's downhill gradient is steeper than approx. 6%.
  • Manual gear changing is performed with the steering wheel paddles*.

Deactivating and switching off the freewheel function

In certain situations it may be desirable to deactivate or switch off the function in order to use engine braking. Examples of such situations may be on steep downhill gradients or before an imminent overtaking manoeuvre - in order to be able to do it in the safest way possible.

Deactivate the freewheel function as follows:

  • Actuate the accelerator or brake pedal.
  • Move the gear selector to manual position.
  • Changing gear with steering wheel paddles*.

Switch off the freewheel function as follows:

  • Change drive mode*, or switch off the Eco drive mode in the function view.

Even without the freewheel function, it is possible to freewheel for short distances. This, in turn, reduces consumption. However, for the best fuel economy it is better to have the freewheel function activated and be able to freewheel for longer distances.

Cruise control Eco Cruise

When using the cruise control in the Eco drive mode, the car's acceleration and deceleration will be lower compared to other drive modes, which enables further fuel savings. This means that the car's speed can be slightly above or below the set speed.

  • On a smooth road, the car's speed can deviate from the set speed when the cruise control is active and the car free-rolls.
  • On a steep uphill slope, the car's speed drops until a downshift is made1, then reduced acceleration starts in order to achieve the set speed.
  • On a downhill slope where the car free-rolls, the car's speed can be slightly above or below the set speed. The function uses normal engine braking to maintain the set speed. The foot brake is also used if necessary.

Eco gauge in the driver display

The ECO gauge indicates how fuel-efficient the driving is:

  • With fuel-efficient driving, the gauge shows a low value with the pointer in the green zone.
  • With non-fuel-efficient driving, e.g. during heavy braking or heavy acceleration, the gauge shows a high value.

The ECO gauge also has an indicator to show how a reference driver would drive the car under the same driving conditions. This is indicated with the short pointer on the gauge.

P5-1546-XC90- Eco guide in driver display 12 inch
Eco gauge in the 12-inch driver display*.
P5-1546-XC90-Eco guide in 8 inch driver display
Eco gauge in the 8-inch driver display.

ECO climate control

In the Eco drive mode, Eco climate control is activated automatically in the passenger compartment in order to reduce energy consumption.


When the ECO function is activated, several parameters in the climate control system's settings are changed, and several electricity consumer functions are reduced. Certain settings can be reset manually, but full functionality is only regained by switching off the ECO function or adapting Individual* drive mode with full climate functionality.

In the event of difficulties due to misting, press the button for max. defroster which has normal functionality.

  1. 1 Only cars with automatic gearbox.
  2. * Option/accessory.