Application menu in driver display

Application menu (app menu) in the driver display provides quick access to commonly used functions for certain apps.
P5-1746-Driver display app menu
The app menu in the driver display can be used instead of using the centre display. The figure is schematic - the layout may vary.

The app menu is shown in the driver display and is controlled using the steering wheel's right-hand keypad. The app menu makes it easier to switch between different apps or functions within the apps without having to let go of the steering wheel.

App menu functions

Different apps give access to different types of functions. The following apps and their associated functions can be controlled from the app menu:

Trip computerSelection of trip meter, selection of what to show in the driver display, etc.
Media playerSelection of active source for the media player.
PhoneCalling a contact from the call list.
NavigationGuide to destination, etc.