The alarm is a device that warns in the event of e.g. a break-in in the car.

Activated alarm is triggered if:

  • a door, the bonnet or the tailgate is opened1
  • a movement is detected in the passenger compartment (if fitted with a movement detector*)
  • the car is raised or towed away (if fitted with a tilt detector*)
  • the starter battery's cable is disconnected
  • the siren is disconnected.

If there is a fault in the alarm system then the information display in the combined instrument panel shows a message. In which case, contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.


The movement sensors trigger an alarm in the event of movement in the passenger compartment - air currents are also registered. For this reason the alarm is triggered if the car is left with a window open or if the passenger compartment heater is used.

To avoid this: Close the window when leaving the car. If the car's integrated passenger compartment heater (or a portable electric heater) shall be used - direct the airflow from the air vents so that they are not pointing upwards in the passenger compartment. Alternatively, reduced alarm level can be used, see Reduced alarm level.


Do not attempt to repair or alter components in the alarm system yourself. Any such attempts may affect the terms of the insurance.

Arming the alarm

Press the remote control key lock button.

Deactivate the alarm

Press the remote control key unlock button.

Deactivating a triggered alarm

Press the remote control key unlock button or insert the remote control key in the ignition switch.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to certain markets.