Tunnel console - 12 V-sockets

The electrical sockets (12 V) are located in the tunnel console's storage compartment and beside the cup holder.
P4-1220-Y55X- 12 V sockets in tunnel console
12 V socket in tunnel console, front seat.

The electrical sockets can be used for various accessories designed for 12 V, e.g. screens, music players and mobile phones. For the socket to supply current, the remote control key must be in at least key position I.


Always leave the plug in the socket when the socket is not in use.


Optional equipment and accessories - e.g. display screens, music players and mobile phones - which are connected to one of the passenger compartment's 12V electrical sockets could be activated by the climate control system, even when the remote control key has been removed or when the car is locked, for example, when the engine block and passenger compartment heater* is activated at a preset time.

For this reason remove the plugs from the electrical sockets for optional equipment or accessories when not in use because the battery could be drained in the event of such an occurrence!


Max. power takeoff is 10 A (120 W) in either socket.


The compressor for emergency puncture repair has been tested and approved by Volvo.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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