Park Assist Pilot (PAP)*

The Park Assist Pilot (PAP – Park Assist Pilot) helps the driver to park by first checking whether a space is sufficiently large and then turning the steering wheel and steering the car into the space.

The combined instrument panel uses symbols, graphics and text when elements are to be executed.

P4-1220-Fickparkeringshjälp Vy med På-/Av-knapp
The On/Off button is on the centre console.


Since a towbar is configured with the car's electrical system, towbar protrusion is included when the function measures the distance to an object behind the car.


  • The PAP function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and make it safer – it cannot handle all situations in all traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • Be particularly aware of people and animals near the car.
  • PAP is not a substitute for the driver's attention and judgement. The driver is always responsible for ensuring the car is driven in a safe manner, at the appropriate speed, with an appropriate distance to other vehicles, and in accordance with current traffic rules and regulations.
  1. * Option/accessory.