Lamp replacement - rear fog lamp

The bulb for the rear fog lamp is fitted in the bumper's bulb holder.

Left-hand drive cars have the fog lamp on the left-hand side, while right-hand drive cars have the fog lamp on the right-hand side.

P4-1220-Y55X-Rear fog lights 1(2)
Lamp housing on the left-hand side.
P4-1220-Y55X-Rear fog lights 2(2)
Ikon grå fyrkant 1

Insert (approx. 20 mm) a blunt, knife-like object, e.g. a table knife, at the triangle.

Ikon röd pil 1 Carefully prise until the lug releases.


Take care not to damage any parts.
Ikon grå fyrkant 2

Ikon röd pil 2 Turn the bulb holder anticlockwise.

Ikon röd pil 3 Pull out the bulb holder.

Push in the lamp and turn it anticlockwise.
Replace the bulb and put back the parts in reverse order.

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