Keyless Drive* - unlocking with the key blade

If central locking cannot be activated with the remote control key, e.g. if the batteries are discharged, then the left-hand front door is unlocked with the remote control key's detachable key blade.
P4-1220-Y55X- Unlock with key blade
Hole for key blade - to loosen the cover.

To access the lock cylinder, the door handle's plastic cover must be removed - this is also done with the key blade:

Press the key blade approx. 1 cm straight up into the hole on the underside of the door handle/cover - do not prize.
The plastic cover loosens automatically by means of the torque when the blade is pushed straight up and into the opening.
Then insert the key blade in the lock cylinder and unlock the door.
Refit the plastic cover after unlocking.


When the left-hand front door is unlocked using the key blade and is opened, this triggers the alarm. It is switched off by inserting the remote control key in the ignition switch, see Alarm* - remote control key not working.
  1. * Option/accessory.