Lane Keeping Aid - symbols and messages

In situations where there is no Lane assistance function, a symbol may be shown in the combined instrument panel in combination with an explanatory message - follow the recommendation given if appropriate.

Message examples:

P4-1246-Symbol Kamera BlockeradWindscreen sensors blocked See manual

The camera sensor is temporarily disengaged.

Shown in the event of snow, ice or dirt on the windscreen for example.

  • Clean the windscreen in front of the camera sensor.

Read about the limitations of the camera sensor, see Collision warning system* - camera sensor limitations and Collision warning system* - operation.

P4-1246-Symbol Lane-Keeping-Aid-!Lane Keeping Aid Service required

The system is disengaged.

  • Visit a workshop if the message remains - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.
P3-1246-Symbol Lane Departure Warning
Lane Keeping Aid Interrupted LKA has been set to standby mode. The lines of the LKA symbol indicate when the function is active again.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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