Air conditioning, fluid - volume and grade

The climate control system in the car uses a refrigerant, either R1234yf or R134a, depending on market. Information about which refrigerant the car's climate control system uses can be seen on a decal, located on the inside of the bonnet.

Prescribed grades and volumes of fluids and lubricants in the air conditioning system can be read in the tables below.

A/C decal

Decal for R134a

P5-1507-Decal air conditioning
The label is fitted on the inside of the bonnet.

Decal for R1234yf

P3/P4-1617-Decal air conditioning R1234yf
The label is fitted on the inside of the bonnet.

Symbol explanation R1234yf

P5-1507-Symbol caution
P5-1507-Symbol A/C-system
Mobile air conditioning system (MAC)
P5-1507-Symbol Lubricant type A/C-system
Lubricant type
P5-1507-Symbol Technician type A/C-system
A trained and certified technician is required in order to service the mobile air conditioning system (MAC)
P5-1507-Symbol Flammable refrigerant
Flammable refrigerants


Cars with refrigerant R134a

WeightPrescribed grade
625 gR134a


The air conditioning system contains pressurised refrigerant R134a. This system must only be serviced and repaired by an authorised workshop.

Cars with refrigerant R1234yf

WeightPrescribed grade
575 gR1234yf


The air conditioning system contains pressurised refrigerant R1234yf. In accordance with SAE J2845 (Technician Training for Safe Service and Containment of Refrigerants Used in Mobile A/C System), service and repair of the refrigerant system must only be performed by trained and certified technicians in order to ensure the safety of the system.

Compressor oil

VolumePrescribed grade
60 mlPAG oil



The A/C system's evaporator must never be repaired or replaced with a previously used evaporator. A new evaporator must be certified and labelled in accordance with SAE J2842.