Wiper blades

The wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with the washer fluid they clean the windows and ensure visibility for driving.

The windscreen wiper blades must be in service position when they are to be replaced.

Service position

P3-0946 Torkarblad serviceläge
Wiper blades in service position.

In order to change, clean or lift the wiper blades (for scraping off ice from the windscreen, for example) they must be in service position.


Before placing the wiper blades in the service position, make sure that they are not frozen down.
Insert the remote control key in the ignition switch1 and briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button to set the car's electrical system to key position I. For detailed information on key positions, see Key positions - functions at different levels.
Briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button again to set the car’s electrical system in key position 0.
Within 3 seconds, move the right stalk switch up and hold it in position for approx. 1 second.
The wipers then move to standing straight up.

The wipers return to their starting position when you briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button (key position I) or when the car is started.


If the wiper arms in service position have been folded up from the windscreen, they must be folded back down onto the windscreen before the wipers are activated. This is to avoid scraping the paint on the bonnet.

Replacing the wiper blades

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Fold up the wiper arm when it is in service position. Press the button located on the wiper blade mounting and pull straight out parallel with the wiper arm.

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Slide in the new wiper blade until a "click" is heard.

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Check that the blade is firmly installed.

Fold the wiper arm back towards the windscreen.

The wipers return to their starting position when you briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button (key position I) or when the car is started.

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When replacing the wiper blades, note that they have different lengths. The blade on the driver's side is longer than on the passenger side.


Since the car is equipped with airbag Pedestrian Airbag Volvo recommends that the wiper arms should be genuine parts and that only genuine parts are used for them.

Replacing the wiper blades, rear window

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Fold out the wiper arm.
Grip the inner section of the blade (by the arrow).
Turn anticlockwise to use the blade's end position against the wiper arm as a lever to detach the blade more easily.
Press the new wiper blade into position. Check that it is firmly installed.
Move the wiper arm back to its original position.


For cleaning wiper blades and windscreen, see Car wash.


Check the blades regularly. Neglected maintenance shortens the service life of the wiper blades.
  1. 1 Not required in cars with keyless start and lock system.

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