Volvo On Call* services per market

The market types in which Volvo On Call services are available are presented below.
ServicesMarket type
Volvo On Call appXX
Automatic Crash NotificationXX
SOS Emergency ServiceXX
Roadside AssistanceXX
Remote Door Unlock via a service centreX
Theft Notification via a service centreX
Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)X
Remote Vehicle ImmobilisationX1
Customer serviceXX2
Send destinations to the navigation system via a service centreX1

More information on the Volvo Cars support page

Visit for more information on Volvo On Call services and app functions.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only certain Volvo On Call markets of type A
  3. 2 Only certain Volvo On Call markets of type B